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What is Flightkickz A1 batch ?

Jun 29, 2023

Q:Why do the prices of r3p sneakers vary between sellers?
A:Even if it is the same style, can be attributed to factors such as different manufacturing factories, materials used, and variations in details.The lower the material and manufacturing costs, the cheaper the price will be.So the price can be different between sellers

Q:Are all the shoes on your website made by your own company?
A:No, they are not. With thousands of shoe styles available, we do not have the time, resources, and capacity to manufacture all of them. We focus on producing the shoes that receive the highest demand from our customers. Only the shoes labeled as "FK's A1" are the ones that we produce ourselves.

Q:How is the quality of FKs A1 batch?

A: FKs A1" is used as a quality rating or indicator for products. It signifies that the product has excellent or top-tier quality. In the context of shoes, "A1" means that the shoes meet high standards in terms of craftsmanship, materials used, durability, and overall quality.

Q:How is the quality of shoes that are not the A1 version?
A:The other non-A1 versions of shoes on our website are also of the highest quality available in the market. Whenever a shoe model is released, we get all versions of the reps and compare them to the authentic product. We carefully select the version that closely resembles the original in terms of quality. 

Q:Your shoes are of the highest quality, so does that mean your prices are the highest in the market?
A:No, our prices are not the highest in the market. While we prioritize quality, our direct collaboration with factories allows us to offer the most reasonable and competitive prices in the field of high-quality shoes.

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